Saturday, March 6, 2010

Law to combat sectarian violence and contempt for religions By Dr. Naguib Gibraeel,

The "first draft"

After perusal of the first article and articles forty-forty-sixth of the Constitution of Egypt

Having considered the law of national unity and how to protect the values of the defect
After examining the articles of the Penal Code and its amendments
Issued the following law

The first article: --
The sectarian violence in the concept of this law, all of those who committed an act of physical or moral contempt or disgrace, or would undermine the group or religious denomination recognized by the Constitution or in respect of which final court rulings for its foundation and that was by any means, this will be outlined in detail.

Article Two --
it is considered as contempt for moral or physical assault to commit such crimes all confused or assaulted or verbally saying hints or words be indicative of discrimination and vilification of the sects or doctrines, such as assault is all the material is hands or the use of material on the role of places of worship or prayer groups, whether those groupings declared or undeclared.

Article Three --
The one is considered guilty of the crime of sectarian violence, if he has blocked all of the people, or over the performance of religion, or try it in any way and the penalty in case of whether the offender used a tool to help him do so.

Article Four --
It is also considered a sectarian act of violence, such as crimes of violence sectarian the use of a threat or intimidation or intimidation against the followers of any religious denomination recognized by the Constitution or by the final court rulings whether such intimidation or threat, or the foundations that had already initiated.

Article Five --
Is in the concept of this law the crime of contempt of all religions or hatred or despise the most hated people in the religion, whether by words or deed or by writing or publications or publications, publication or by means of written, visual or audio.

Article Sex --
It is one of the crimes such as blasphemy to question the doctrine of faith or incitement to hatred of them or spreading the ideas of hatred or alienate people believe, including its dependencies.

Article Seven--
It is one of the crimes such as blasphemy to question the doctrine of faith or incitement to the hatred of them or spreading the ideas of hatred or alienate people believe, including its dependencies.

Article Eight--
As one of the crimes of blasphemy and the sectarian violence of the development or participated in the development of a curriculum in nature or has at any stage of education includes, directly or indirectly, hatred of religion or creed or denigrating the followers, including the crime mentioned before, to that effect and the penalty If those issued by official institutions, whether religious or non-religious.

Article Nine:
Subject to the provisions of Islamic law and specifically with regard to the provisions and issues marriage, inheritance, divorce, alimony and official divorce," known as khol' in Arabic, to ask for a divorce officially front of a committee to decide upon the wife or the husbands' sayings", have to deal in the role of the courts and in all official bureaus on the basis of citizenship and full equality, taking into account the applicability of the provisions of special laws under the religions recognized by the Constitution, especially articles of the Constitution for ensuring freedom of religion and non-discrimination among citizens on grounds of religion or creed.

Article Ten: --
As one of the crimes, the sectarian violence and contempt for all religions have tried in any way prevent a person from obtaining the legal right to claim freedom of belief and expression and practise that does not violate public order and morality and public order in the public order the concept of this law, any religious or ideological dimensions and is intended to is to maintain the basic foundations of society, the political pillars, social, cultural and moral.

Article Eleven: --
Punishable by imprisonment for not less than five years and not more than seven years for anyone who commits any crimes stipulated in articles 1-2-3 of this Act.

Article Twelve: --
The penalty is imprisonment for up to aggravated including not less than eight years and not more than twelve years who commits an offense set forth in Article four and six and even years in this Act and death penalty if accompanied by any of these crimes of murder or attempted murder or to intimidate the prayers inside houses of worship.

Article thirteen: --
Punishable by imprisonment for not less than two years and not more than three years for anyone who committed an offense set forth in the articles of Article five and eight of this Act and the penalty for up to five years if the perpetrator of this crime is a figure or figures with a governmental or a parliamentary identity or in the rule of the public employee.

Article Fourteen;--
Pursuant to the implementation of the provisions of this Act to the Minister of Justice to issue an executive order on behalf of constructing a specialized investigation in crimes of sectarian violence and contempt for religions, as well as a specialized court to apply the provisions of this law.

Article fifteen:
Cancels any law contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article Sixteen: --
This Law shall come into in force in the state and in the month following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Preamble to the project: --
Egypt has undergone and is still in bad shape over four decades was broken by the events of grim sectarian elimination almost everything and everybody in this country, with security forces, which cause congestion, especially in matters of sectarian religious beliefs and exposure to inadequate laws deterrent to temptation because of the valley that bigotry and a culture of unilateral had a major impact in the social hierarchy and reflected in the atrophy of the concept of citizenship has eased the principles of equality and human rights in light of this culture and became a fanatical gap significantly between the Constitution and implemented in practice, causing discrimination and clear and a big gap between the pillars of this society, especially, Muslims and Copts, so it's incumbent on the "Egyptian Union Organization of human rights "as it used to diligently and submit a draft law to the concerned authorities may remedy the materials community, and capture the tension with iron hands to deter those of the advocates of sedition and is promoted by the instigators and restore smiles to the faces of the people of the same society.

This has already made the organization six months ago and the law on adoption, and the process also to prepare a draft compensation for acts of the judiciary.

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel,
President of the," Egyptian Union", Organization for Human Rights.


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